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Bill's story . . .

Bill was anxious about his wife's prognosis since this was her second bout with breast cancer. He paced around the outpatient lobby and soon found The Resource and Education Center (REC).

A Cancer Education Specialist greeted him, asked him if he needed assistance and explained the purpose of the REC.

While he wasn't sure which question to ask first, Bill expressed concern about his wife's treatment. Her doctor had discussed the possibility of a clinical trial as a future treatment option, and Bill thought more information on that option would be helpful.

In addition, Bill has two adult daughters, and he is concerned about their risk of breast cancer. In discussing the situation further, the specialist learned that Bill's mother-in-law had also been diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age.

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Upon learning the family history, the specialist suggested that Bill's daughters might be candidates for the Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. She then offered Bill materials on genetic risk for cancer and provided information on risk assessment and referrals that he could share with his daughters.

Finally, she sat down with Bill, explained clinical trials, and helped him develop questions to ask his wife's doctor. He expressed anxiety about his wife's diagnosis, so the specialist shared some support publications with him that addressed recurrence and referred him to social services in case he needed more support.

Later, Bill shared this information with his wife. He was able to help her better understand clinical trials as a treatment option, and they both felt more prepared for their discussion with her doctor.

Bill also encouraged his daughters to investigate participation in a risk assessment program, and provided them with the information he had received about .

Bill and his family really benefited from his experience at the REC. To learn more about the Resource and Education Center and how it can benefit you or your family, please call 215-214-1618 or visit us in one of our three locations.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy.