Fellowships and Openings

How to Join the Fox Chase Postdoctoral Research Program

The best way to become a Postdoctoral Fellow at Fox Chase is to contact researchers whose line of study appeals to you by emailing them directly. Browse Fox Chase faculty by name, program, or research type, and for all general questions contact Glenn Rall, PhD at Glenn.Rall@fccc.edu or 215-728-3617.

NIH Training Grant

The Fox Chase Cancer Center has maintained a long-standing, NIH-funded postdoctoral training grant in cancer biology. Appointments for postdoctoral training at Fox Chase can begin upon completion of all requirements for the doctoral degree. Those appointed under the Center's training grant from the National Cancer Institute may have no more than three years of postdoctoral experience and must be U.S. citizens or nationals or have U.S. permanent residence visas. Requirements for the selection of candidates include: the completion of PhD, MD, DVM, or equivalent degree; three letters of recommendation; and, a brief research proposal written with the guidance of your potential Fox Chase mentor.

Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowships

Fox Chase Cancer Center currently maintains several endowed postdoctoral fellowships. Requirements for the selection of candidates include the completion of PhD, MD, DVM,  or equivalent degree, three letters of recommendation and a brief research proposal written with the advice of a Fox Chase faculty member. The fellowships are:

The William J. Avery Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship; the W.J. Avery Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship

These two fellowships were established as a result of Fox Chase Cancer Center's Prevention Research Campaign. These fellowships were made possible by a generous gift from the Connelly Foundation in the name of their fellow trustee and the Fox Chase Prevention Campaign chairman, William J. Avery.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Board of Directors' Fellowship

This fellowship was established through many generous leadership gifts from various members of the Fox Chase Cancer Center's governing board as the inaugural project of the Cancer Prevention Research Campaign.

The Lawrence Greenwald Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship is endowed through a gift from four foundations headed by members of the Greenwald family. The fellowship supports candidates with a commitment to research on leukemia and lymphomas.

The Elizabeth Knight Patterson Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship, established in honor of long-time Fox Chase Cancer Center scientist Elizabeth Knight Patterson, supports postdoctoral research in structural biology and/or biochemistry.

The Board of Associates Plain and Fancy Fellowship

This one-year fellowship is awarded through an annual gift from the Fox Chase Cancer Center Board of Associates.

All of the above fellowships have no citizenship restrictions and cannot be transferred if the postdoctoral fellow leaves Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Medical Fellowships

A number of medical fellowships are also available to qualified applicants.