American Russian Cancer Alliance (ARCA)

ARCA represents a unique partnership between scientists and clinicians in the Russian Federation and the United States designed to benefit the citizens of both countries who suffer from cancer. Formalized in 2001, ARCA brings together international partnerships that offer fresh perspectives and a greater understanding of the burden of cancer. The partnership focuses its attention on four major areas of focus.

"As we struggle to look more broadly and more creatively at the cancer challenges that face us, we would do well to invite international partnerships that can offer fresh perspectives and greater understanding of the role of the environment, culture, and genetic factors in cancer."

- Paul F. Engstrom, MD, Sr. Vice President Extramural Research, ARCA principal Investigator
  • Radioimmuno Imaging helps scientists and clinicians develop, discover and deliver new diagnostic approaches for cancer care based on Russian nuclear technology.
  • Tobacco Control and Research brings cancer prevention aims to identify genes related to smoking and the ability to quit, which will translate into prevention programs targeted to those at high risk for becoming addicted.
  • ARCA has provied Education and Training to many scientists and researchers in Russia to enhance their skills.
  • ARCA has made an impact on changing Public Health policies in Russia advocating for implementing tobacco control initiatives.


  • Pool the intellectual and scientific resources of member institutions to foster clinical innovations and discoveries to accelerate the evaluation of cancer research, management, and therapy
  • Initiate collaborative research initiatives among American Russian Cancer Alliance (ARCA) members.


The vision of ARCA is to develop a partnership among American and Russian cancer centers and research institutions to identify and capitalize on the special expertise and experience of the ARCA members for the advancement of cancer reearch and translation to clinical application.

Latest ARCA Initiatives

Tobacco Control Research

Workers on break, Russia

With one of the highest smoking rates in the world, Russia offers a unique environment to conduct research on tobacco use. Fox Chase Cancer Center has teamed up with leading Russian Cancer Research centers to examine several key areas of tobacco related research including identification of DNA profiles for tobacco dependency. Read More.

RadioImmuno Imaging

A major component of the ARCA led Russian and US scientific collaborative research is designed to develop radiopharmaceuticals for the detection and treatment of cancer. Through this mechanism, the Russian Nuclear Industry Network (RNIN), led by Russian Institute of Nuclear Research; Troisk, Russia, provides nuclear technology and medical radioisotopes to scientists and clinicians at Fox Chase Cancer Center and MD BREP to use in advanced clinical trials that cross the cancer continuum. Read More.

Clinical and Education


Sophia Michaelson
Executive Director, American Russian Cancer Alliance
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ARCA symposia involve Russian physicians from all regions of the Russian Federation, former Russian Republics as well as European countries, providing a positive impact on oncology services throughout the entire country and the region. Concurrently, American participants have a unique opportunity to work with various populations within Russia and collaborate with highly motivated and trained Russian physicians and researchers to develop joint research studies. Read More.

Public Health

ARCA collaborates with the NCI Office of International Affairs to support public health initiatives which has led to a major impact on public health policies in Russia. The NCI Office of International Affairs works in unison with the Russian Duma and ARCA to implement public laws that reduce tobacco use throughout Russia. Read More.