Innovations by Fox Chase Cancer Center Nurses

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Advanced Technology

Advanced technology backs up our patient care and research.
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A Century of Excellence

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Nursing Team on 3 South

Practical innovation leads to an immediate improvement in patient care

The Fox Chase nursing team on hospital floor 3 South had a problem and created a solution. Each day they need to track which patients walk and how many times a day. This is an important part of post operative healing and complication prevention after chest surgery.

After a brainstorming session, the nurses came up with an innovative, simple and inexpensive way to monitor this. Less than 24 hours later, the system was in place.

They used adhesive towel hooks and covered rubber bands to mark daily progress for each patient in the hallways. This information was documented in their chart for future reference.

Joanne Hambleton, VP of Nursing, shared her thoughts. "Team work is about listening and involving others. The staff of 3 South demonstrated their teamwork and innovation by the rapid deployment of a simple but highly effective tool to visually document patient ambulation and daily weights - important interventions in the post operative care of thoracic oncology patients."

"This is an example of the wonderful care this team provides to our patients and to each other," Joanne continued.

"They are truly an innovative team striving to improve patient care," said Abraham Lebenthal, MD, a former thoracic surgeon at Fox Chase.