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Fellowship-Trained Professionals

Fellowship is additional training for qualified physicians to gain additional experience and education.
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Fox Chase Cancer Center Accreditations

Fox Chase is accredited for many advanced procedures and treatment.
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Awards and Honors

Excellence in nursing, research, and clinical practice.
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Setting the Standard:
Doctors Who Specialize in All Types of Cancer

As a cancer treatment center, Fox Chase doctors not only specialize in cancer; they are experts in particular types of cancer. Your doctors' expertise will match the type of cancer you have. What's more, we treat more cases of rare and common cancers than other hospitals. More experience is linked to better outcomes. No matter what your diagnosis, you can expect experienced care at Fox Chase.


Our commitment to your cancer treatment and care means our doctors - surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists - work closely to correctly diagnose your cancer and talk to you about your treatment. In addition to treating your cancer, Fox Chase Cancer Center has other specialists who manage the needs of patients with additional health concerns.

When choosing a cancer specialist, you should be aware of all your treatment options. At Fox Chase, your doctors will help you choose which option is best for you based on your personal goals and treatment needs. For some patients, the best option may be a clinical trial, which examines the newest treatments available. Fox Chase has more than 170 clinical trials underway at any given time.

Nationally Ranked Physicians

58 Temple Physicians Named “Top Doctors” by Philadelphia Magazine
(Apr 30, 2014)

A Consumer Reports study that examines the mortality rates and length of hospital stays for different types of elective surgeries rated Fox Chase Cancer Center as having the best surgical outcomes of any hospital in the city of Philadelphia. The study looked at patients from 2,463 hospitals nationwide, including 32 hospitals in the Philadelphia area.

Philosophy of Care

Comprehensive Care: In addition to treatment, we believe in providing cancer education, research and prevention. 

Patient Safety: Fox Chase is committed to fostering a culture of safety — for our patients, their families and our staff members. 


Breakthrough Medicine, Pioneering Science

Fox Chase Cancer Center houses the area's most sophisticated technology in the areas of surgery, radiation and diagnostic imaging. 
And we're developing clinical trials that anticipate the future of standard treatment.

At Fox Chase, we develop many of the therapies and technologies used by others for treating cancer.


Multi-Specialty Team Approach

Over the past few decades, cancer care is increasingly being delivered within a multi-specialty team environment, involving a group of highly skilled professionals that specialize in specific types of cancer. At Fox Chase, we believe that this approach to cancer treatment and care is beneficial to our patients. A multi-disciplinary team of physicians and health care professionals make rounds together and meet on a weekly basis to discuss each patient's case to ensure the best treatment possible.

Expert Physicians

Our expert doctors—surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists—work closely to correctly diagnose your cancer and educate you about your treatment options. In addition to treating your cancer, Fox Chase has other specialists who manage the needs of patients with additional health concerns.

Breast Evaluation Center

This approach has been extremely successful for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in our Breast Evaluation Center (BEC). For example, during a 1-day visit to the BEC, your entire team of expert specialists can include a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, radiologist and social worker; who together develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored especially for you.