Adrenal Mass Patient Stories

  • Dee Sherman

    Dee Sherman

    Adrenal Mass

    Dee Sherman, who turned 60 in 2010, is a vivacious dynamo of a woman, who also happens to be the only female police chief in Chester County. Her experience with cancer started in 2000, right after she was promoted to the top police job in Spring City, a historic town just north of Valley Forge.

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  • Marie Fiss

    Marie Fiss

    Adrenal Mass Marie Fiss is an independent 77-year-old, a retired school teacher used to doing all of her own housekeeping, shopping and cooking in her neat-as-a-pin South Philadelphia home. So when she lost her appetite, started feeling weak and almost passed out in October 2011, Marie knew something was up. Upon finding that her blood pressure had spiked to a dangerously high level, her son, who happens to be a cardiologist, took her to the emergency room. Read more »
  • Janet Shattuck

    Janet Shattuck

    Adrenal Mass

    Janet Shattuck’s story is a reminder that nobody knows your body better than you do. For years, Janet, a long-time Philadelphia resident, experienced debilitating hot flashes. Despite being postmenopausal, her doctor attributed her symptoms, which also included facial sweating, severe headaches and heart palpitations, to menopause.  “He really wasn’t listening to me,” she recalled.  “It just didn’t feel like what I experienced during menopause," said Janet, who was 61 at the time. "But you know, you don’t question the doctor.”

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