Genitourinary Cancer

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Adrenal Mass Patient Stories

  • Dee Sherman

    Dee Sherman

    Adrenal Mass

    Dee Sherman, who turned 60 in 2010, is a vivacious dynamo of a woman, who also happens to be the only female police chief in Chester County. Her experience with cancer started in 2000, right after she was promoted to the top police job in Spring City, a historic town just north of Valley Forge.

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Germ Cell Tumor Treatment Patient Stories

  • Lawrence James

    Lawrence James

    2007 was a banner year for Connexus Technology and its owners, Lawrence James and Christopher Holland. Their company was awarded the Innovative Business of the Year Excellence Award by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Lawrence was planning to carry the excitement into 2008 by proposing to his girlfriend, Tia McNair. However, a diagnosis of a rare cancer put a temporary stop to his plans. With his faith, and the doctors at Fox Chase Cancer Center on his side, Lawrence put up a strong fight and won his battle with cancer.

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Testicular Cancer Patient Stories

  • Peter Hagerty

    Peter Hagerty

    In March 2009, New Jersey police officer Peter Hagerty was experiencing groin pain when he was getting in and out of his patrol car. Like many men his age, Peter shrugged it off for two weeks. By the third week, after realizing his testicle was rock hard, Peter told his wife, Eryn, an advanced life support paramedic. "Eryn sent me right to the doctor," recalled Peter, whose primary doctor referred him directly to a urologist. An ultrasound performed later the same day showed a tumor and the doctor suspected it was cancer. Peter, who was 36 and father to a toddler son, Cole, was in complete shock.

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