Myeloma Patient Stories

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  • Linda Fullmer

    As years go, Linda Fullmer could have done without 2008.  That was the year Linda, who was 49 at the time, had emergency surgery for a brain aneurysm triggered by headaches due to an infected tooth. A few months later, a persistent pain in her leg sent her back to her doctor for more testing. Blood work results confirmed a diagnosis of stage 3 multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow. Without hesitation, her doctor sent her to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia for treatment, a two-hour drive from her home in the Poconos.

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  • Earl Paddy

    Earl Paddy


    Earl Paddy hadn't been sick a day in his life. But in the fall of 2008, at the age of 61, he became noticeably tired, sleeping more than usual. In November, Earl came down with what he thought was a bad stomach virus. Finally after three weeks, the persistent vomiting landed him in the ER.

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  • Janet Pantano

    Janet Pantano

    Multiple Myeloma, Bone Marrow Transplant

    The fall of 2002 was supposed to be an exciting time for Janet Pantano. Her second grandson was just born on August 29th - her birthday. Janet's husband was planning his retirement for the following year. She explained, "My family is very important to me, so I was looking forward to having more time together."

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